"Wings" by RIGOLO Swiss Nouveau Cirque


WINGS, by Rigolo, is a world beating game changer in international new circus.

“Possibly the most beautiful act currently performed in Europe” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung).

Our experienced producers were invited to Zurich to watch WINGS. After the finale they could not speak for twenty minutes because they so were so touched by what they had just seen. They knew instantly that they had found the right show to headline Big Sexy Circus City at the Edinburgh Fringe. Don’t miss it!!


Welcome to WINGS in my Heart….

This beautiful journey completely rewrites the script on European circus skills with an enchanting and classic World tour premiere construction. Its breath taking and sophisticated weightless universe provides an almost certain sell out for all houses.

Experience an incomparable sensual blend of dance, acrobatics and thoroughly new artistic contemporary circus. A soul touching spectacular! This show features artists who are global winners in their disciplines who previously formed a Cirque du Soleil world champion level touring cast and is hosted by the production crews who were responsible for the success of the immensely popular BIANCO by No Fit State absent from the Fringe this year after two consecutive years of sell out shows.

Audiences will be enthralled by new themes and disciplines never seen before in the UK which will blow away the sharpest critics’ concerns. This new circus is totally new. A thrilling delight. A blank canvas. This is the mother ship connection of new awe-inspiring world circus appearing for the first time ever in the UK. Don’t miss it!!

RIGOLO Swiss Nouveau Cirque lures you, with its new stage show Wings, into its own world full of poetry and wisdom. Everything centers around the young protagonist’s search for her own destiny. Through thirteen scenes Wings inspires you to discover the wings in your own heart, to spread them, and to fly.

The international cast of artists and dancers shows you how with death-defying aerial acts, world-class tap and Hip Hop sequences, and touching dance theatre scenes. Art objects and installations, developed from scratch for the show unfold their own life on stage and seem to defy the laws of nature.

The show culminates in RIGOLOs awe-inspiring Sanndorn Balance Performance with a feather and thirteen palm frond ribs – «…one of the most remarkable presentations on stages and in arenas the world over.» (Neue Zürcher Zeitung).




  • 2015 Paris – World Circus festival winner. Cirque du Soleil trophy. Two prizes
  • 2013 Kamiwaza Japan – Master Award for Maedir Rigolo with Balance
  • 2012 Best Circus Performance in Canada for Balance by Lara Rigolo
  • 2012 Circus-Festival in Izhevsk, Russia – Silver Medal for Miyoko Shida Rigolo with Balance
  • 2012 Special Award of the National Circus of Russia for Miyoko Shida Rigolo with Balance
  • 2011 Circus Festival Grenoble, France – Bronze for Balance
  • 2006 Circus/Vaudville Festival Dresden, Germany – Best Solo Artist
  • 2002 Grant by the Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • 2002 1st Prize at Street Art Festival Lenzburg, Switzerland
  • 2001 Audience’s Choice for International Artists’ Encounter in Lindau, Germany
  • 2000 Recognition Prize by the Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland




“Possibly the most beautiful act currently performed in Europe” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 11th of June 2011

With 13 palm leaf ribs, the Swiss artist Maedir Eugster Rigolo creates an oasis of concentration and serenity; a place of equilibrium; fragile moments of joy that, barely created, are destroyed by the artist himself. A performance for the stage, vaudeville, cabaret, museum and many other unusual places.


The Sanddorn Balance – How It Started:

The extraordinary success story of Sanddornbalance began over 15 years ago: In 1996, the Swiss theatre producer Maedir Eugster Rigolo created a balancing act for the stage production SANDDORN. The play is set in knee-deep sand; the only props are the withered ribs of date and coconut palm leaves, which Maedir Eugster collected from the most beautiful beaches in the world. But it took years until the Sanddornbalance drew the attention of vaudeville and circus producers and its worldwide success was set in motion. Today, whether it’s in Australia, the US, Japan or Europe; if it’s in a theatre, cabaret, or tent; on Broadway, at the Cirque du Soleil or in museums in selected galas and exhibitions; in front of an audience consisting of several thousands of people or just a few hundred, the Sanddornbalance transfixes audience and media and has received the highest awards.

The Sanddorn Balance today

In February 2013, Maedir Eugster Rigolo was presented with the Kamiwaza award in Japan. In Japan, Kamiwaza is the title given to a master with superhuman abilities. The award of Kamiwaza meant that the art of Sanddornbalance had truly arrived in the land of Zen: concentration, mindfulness and conscious perception in search of absolute reality convene in the 15-minute-long performance.

This honour solidified the decision Maedir Eugster had made shortly beforehand: For more then 15 years, he was the only person to perform his fragile piece of art. “Now I will pass on this knowledge. I am very happy that I have found people who now share my experiences and will develop them further,” Maedir Eugster explains. “I trust my successors: They will guard this treasure, develop it further and give it a life of its own. The Sanddorn balance bears many secrets, and every single performer can draw one of them out and present it in their own way.”


Arrive early for an amazing 100 meter long high wire walk across the BIG SEXY CIRCUS CITY by FLOWN stuntman Ellis Grover (Pirates of the Carabina) plus doubles aerial hoop from Alicia Keys’ MTV performers Helina Griffiths and Janine Mahon. They will be supported by our BIG SEXY CIRCUS CITY CREW including stilt walkers, unicyclers, acrobats, walkabout performers and plenty of outdoor preshow entertainment (FREE!) with great streetfood and funky bars til midnight. Swing Circus is free with a ticket to HITCH! or WINGS! Also you are then entitled to stay and watch the brilliant Ms Merlin’s Interstellar Big Sexy All Star Cabaret, high octane hilarious cabaret til midnight which again is free with your ticket to HITCH or WINGS (that’s an amazing three for one deal which lasts all day!) See homepage for all shows.


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